The unexpected material

The unexpected material
We believe in a different way of thinking and conscious choices in materials.
Carpetworks started with the desire to create sustainable and circular rugs made for stylish places where you feel at home. To create something so unique, we are in very close contact with our customers, interior designers, architects and shops to guide them through the right design, color and materials. Our yarns
are produced from residual materials, with this we want to help to reduce the worldwide amount of plastic by returning these materials to the production process. This functional form of production stems from our respect for people and the environment.

Econyl yarn is made from industrial plastic, old fishing nets, textile and carpet residues. The technology that becomes
used to process plastics in the Econyl yarn change is a fast, efficient and versatile method to recycle the usual plastic fishing nets.
The process of making the yarn
is easy; the Post-consumer plastic is chopped, ground, melted and flaked. Then Econyl chips are made from it, heated and extruded and the result is 100% recycled yarn ready to use dyeing and weaving. That makes the yarn an attractive, durable and soft yarn. After use, for example, the Carpet Works carpet starts the process again.

Team Carpetworks