Our Story

The story begins with Hans, born and raised in The Netherlands who, from a very early age, felt a deep connection with nature and a particular fascination for the ocean. For him, the ocean meant strength, beauty, and life!

Driven by his passion for nature and growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, he puts his business mind to the creation of his first company "The Wool Studio," a successful artisan luxurious carpet company that uses natural materials in the making of stunning hand-tufted rugs and tapestries.

One day, as he surfed waves in Spain, a thought came to his mind: What if we can use recycled and biodegradable materials for the carpets we produce in order to contribute to the reduction of the CO2 footprint and ocean pollution? And, like that, his second company Carpetworks was born. With it, Hans and his team desire to increase eco-consciousness values in the carpet industry, creating eco-luxury carpets for eco-conscious people.

Nowadays, Hans - besides leading both companies - continues to surf and is now accompanied by his three kids to whom he is transmitting the same values of respect, love, and care for the ocean.

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