DREAMING BIG Dreaming in Action

Dreamers in Action Foundation

Our foundation was born with the objective of supporting young people to pursue and achieve their dreams, especially raising athletes who also share a deep love for nature and the ocean.

We believe in the incredible potential of these young athletes and our mission is to empower them with the tools they need to thrive, not just in their athletic pursuits, but in life itself. We do that by providing educational programs that nurture their mindset, business acumen, emotional well-being, and even legal guidance so that they can better understand and navigate their journey towards the professional career in the sports world they dream of.

Through our support, we help them find the best sponsors, agents, and collaborators who share their values and prioritize their interests. We build a team around them that doesn't just believe in their athletic power but also in their potential to make a difference in the world.

As these young athletes act on their passion, they evolve into individuals who embody joy in what they do, continuously grow, and inspire others to believe in their own dreams. They also become ambassadors of the ocean, reminding us all to be more conscious of how we can value it and care for it more.

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